HP Pavilion 9000 Battery Not Charging

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Hp Pavilion DV9000 series seems occered in a lot of problem. Some body says, The Pavillon HP laptops battery problems are truly the pits and may be enough for people to stop buying HP laptops! But I have to say that it’s not inherently HP’s responsibility, some problem ofHP Pavilion dv9000 Battery(hp dv9000 battery), may cause by us and could be fixed by some simple operation.

HP Pavilion DV9000 Battery Problem Case

When the Hp Pavilion DV9000 battery powered, the screen flickers and finally crushes out.
No matter when I use my battery to supply power for the laptop, the screen will suddenly flicker then die out when I using it. But the computer is still running and the screen still seems opened. Besides there nothing displayed on the screen (once I could watch movies and still hear sounds).
This happens only when using dv9000 battery for power supply, and it is not the case when using AC power supply.
I’ve got an HP dv9000 that will not charge the battery. I took the unit apart and replaced the power jack/usb board, thinking this would solve my problem…it didn’t. I am still having the same problem.
I am able to charge the dv9000 battery in a friends hp and the laptop works great until I need to charge again.
I noticed that my laptop power stayed at 6% even though I was on power for over two hours. I checked and noticed this…plugged in, not charging.
My laptop is pluged on but the Pavilion DV9000 battery meter keeps telling me that it’s not charging.
Well…I have had the same problem with my DV9700t. HP F2299A Battery, HP F3172A Battery, HP Pavilion ZT1000 Battery,When the battery completely discharges due to lack of use and charging, it gets stuck at 0% and the red X appears across the battery.
Basically, power down the laptop and then remove the AC adapter plug. Remove the dv9000 battery, perhaps wait a minute. Then put the battery back in and then plug in the AC adaptor plug. You then should see the charger light come on showing the battery is charging. Perhaps wait a few minutes before powering on the laptop to confirm that the battery is indeed charging. The problem seems to be in the logic (not sure where, if it is the software driver, etc.) when the laptop is on, it doesn’t get a charge. HP Presario NX9000 Battery But with the laptop off, plugging in a battery after it has been removed - it works with a simpler charger system that doesn’t use the computers’s main CPU.
The problem is i shut it down fully charged. the next morning i star it up and it look ike it has been running as the Hp Pavilion DV9000 battery is down to almost half, i want to go away for a month and want to take it with me but cannot work on a half battery always. i enstalled the vista battery gadgets thingy, will that have an effect. when i shut it down it looks like there is some thing on still as a blue light stay blinking for a long time.
My laptop DV9500 turned itself on automatically after I shut it down. This caused the battery to drain all the time. I sent it in for repair, but HP couldn’t reproduce the failure and just sent it back to me.
I have problem with my laptop, its 1y old, I bought it from a friend, and until now I didnt notice anything bad, because it was always plugged into power. Now what happens is , when i turn it on, w/o being connected to power, it boots up and when it reached windows screen, dv9000 battery goes to 0%. I’ve also noticed that when batt. is cca. at 65% (battery indicator), and not connected to power, its like when is at 0%, nb goes to sleep-mode , but when I try to ressurect it, it wont boot up. I have to plug it and then turn on. To my surprise battery is then indicated again at 0%.
Solution for HP Pavilion DV9000 Battery Not Charge

Reinstalling the power management software has just fixed it for me. Go to device manager and under batteries, unistall the Microsoft ACPI Compliant Control Method Battery. Go to Actions on the menu bar and select ’scan for hardware changes’. It will reinstall it and hopefully start charging immediately (mine did anyway).
If your HP Pavillion dv9000 has a battery that won’t charge yet still turns on when plugged in, turn off the laptop and remove the battery then wait for around 30 seconds, re-insert it and turn it back on, the charging update should say, plugged in, charging.
I made the bios update, and works for me. My Dv9000 battery problems were fixed. The battery led always blinking every time and the battery didn’t charge. Now it’s ok !

If it is still under warranty you can chat with an online hp tech who will check it out over the internet and send you a replacement for free. the dv 9000 laptops have a recall on a few problems and there is a bios update to fix it before it happens but will not correct it after the fact the recall on specific problems extends the warranty to 24 months should get you to the warranty page.
Just got it to charge again.While the laptop is powered and in Windows XP, press and hold the POWER button until it dies. HP F3172A Battery,Then, remove the Hp Pavilion DV9000 laptop battery. Power it back up and enter Windows. Then, re-insert the battery.
So I always remove the Hp dv9000 battery after I have powered down the laptop, and I have not had any battery problems since then!
I had the same issue my fix was a new cmos battery that was only $10.00 and install updated bios software from HP
I had the dv9000 battery problem where it showed my battery NOT CHARGING. I took it apart because my QUICKPLAY would not work either and the QUICKPLAY lights stayed on even after I shut down the laptop. I found that the black ribbon cable on the right (the other looks the same but you can see it is for the power button) was slightly kiltered in the flat socket it goes to underneath the area where the quickplay button is. I straightened it out and made sure it was pushed all the way in and locked and put it all back together and everything worked perfectly after that. About a month before that my POWER and SOUND didn`t work. I did the same thing to fix those problems. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE THOSE CABLES EXACTLY RIGHT in there,HP F2299A Battery, HP F3172A Battery, HP Pavilion ZT1000 Battery, IT MAY JUST BE YOUR PROBLEM TOO.
Some people dont realise that you should avoid short charges and discharges, if your batery does not go above 40% mabe its charge memory thinks its full. to fix this problem let the batery run fully down, then charge it all the way again. try it a few times if it doesnt work. and you have to go all the way, not let windows go into hibernation. to do that you need to get the batery low, then boot to some boot disk and let it sit till the batery dies.
HP has posted BIOS updates to address battery problems as well as the auto startup on some.If you will post the full model number,someone can help you find your driver/updates page.

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